At My Home in Salamanca we take very seriously the health of our guests and those around us, so we apply a comprehensive Anti Covid-19 Prevention Program that, among other features, includes:

  • We apply a double system of cleaning and disinfection of each apartment.
  • We maintain a 24-hour security period between departure and arrival of the next guest.
  • Our accommodation has code locks for access to the accommodation, so we avoid the delivery of keys and the necessary contact for it.
  • Our accommodation is fully rented, so you can be sure that during your stay you will not live with any other guest.
  • We have detailed information of nearby health centers and hospitals.
  • We manage the access of our clients so that there are no crowds and queues, in order to avoid contact between them.
  • This accommodation has been perfectly ventilated and disinfected to make your stay safe. We have taken special care in the disinfection of knobs, handles, faucets and places and objects that may have been manipulated.
  • In cleaning and disinfection we use ozone devices to eliminate all types of bacteria and viruses.
  • All personnel entering the rooms, including cleaning personnel, are required to wear FFP2 masks and gloves.

Thanks to this we have been recognized as Covid-19 Safe Accommodation by C.E.H.A.T. (Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations) and we have received the "Advanced Cleaning" distinction awarded by Airbnb.